Posted by: emmyjosh | February 6, 2012

Elm Hurst Bridal Show January 2012

Here are some pictures from the Bridal Show this past weekend! Over 60 Brides plus their guests visted our table, and lots of cupcakes were sampled – the overall winner being Raspberry Cream (Vanilla Butter Cake with raspberry centre and a light Cream Cheese whipped cream icing). OUR favourite were the Key Lime cupcakes, but we also “sampled” a “healthy” portion of the chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes! With the winner of our door prize went the little 6-4″ inch cake (Banana Chocolate Chip with Chocolate buttercream). It should have hit the spot! What a great day! A special THANK YOU to my husband Josh and our friend Nick who helped me set up and looked after our 4 month old all day, my friend Jess who looked after my 2 1/2 yr old,  as well as special thanks to my friend September who helped rau the event and our table like a well planned professional! She also baked all the cupcakes, and contributed a few late nights of prep!! xxoo


  1. Emmy, everything looked so great!! Good job, I’m sure you will get some business from the show.

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