Posted by: emmyjosh | October 15, 2010


This past weekend, I was pumped to try out my cake sculpting skills with a cornucopia cake. Prior to baking, I made some drawings as my guide as I always do. I placed my baked cakes out, carved them up, iced, and covered with fondant – 4 pumpkins, grapes, avacado, corn & maple leaves…Voila! I am so proud of this cake! It is one of the more difficult for sure, (next to my daughters Lamb cake). But, it was awesome to see my vision come to life! It was even more exciting to show off to my family! Enjoy!



  1. This cake was absolutely amazing Emmy! And it was also delicious! Thanks for making it….it must have taken you hours.

  2. Gorgeous, Emmy! The details are incredible!

  3. Wow!! What a beautiful Thanksgiving cake Emmy! Your creativity is amazing!!
    It looks almost too beautiful to eat… notice I said ALMOST… I’m sure it tastes yummy!! 🙂

  4. Unbelievable, this is amazing Em!! Josh said it was great, but I would have never imagined it was this great. Wow!!!!! 🙂

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful!!

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